With all humility, I whispered I’m award winning leader. My entire career life is dipped in sales and people management. My worth was proven in these fields. I thank my God for my strength, wisdom, and prosperity in every thing that I do.

I came from diversified industries. Starting from phamaceuticals, direct selling, school operation, life  insurance and business ownership as entrepreneur.

Knowledge acquired on paper seems shallow still. To thoroughly understand this one must personally experience it all hands-on inside the four walls and most importantly in the road, to serve as legacy. On the other hand, school diploma and advanced study credited like passports to enter the world of many challenges. In every highway, those papers are nothing without actions. So when rubber meets the road, we’re on our way to hit our unlimited dreams.

It only needs positive mind setting. The mind has wondrous powers. A pure mind is able to accomplish all merits, it is like gold in this world.

Surprisingly, I’ve seen individuals holding no credentials but they rise and shine. This livelihood profile is obvious in the direct selling industry where people from all walks of life joining the business to learn, to earn, and to travel.

My ulimate goal in life is to rise and shine one day at a time. I don’t give up.

How did I make the star to shine? 

#DESIRE. Anything one owns emanated from a desire to own it. Think it, and you'll have it.

#EFFORT. Those who make effort are mindful, good in conduct, self-disciplined, and live in faith, have ever-increasing glory.

#DELIVER. Deliver HD Quality performance - Hardwork (H) and Determination (D).

I don't compete. However, my greatest adversary is thyself. Many times I failed but most of opportunities l faced had been won.

Learn a lesson from this! If a person doesn't experience and patiently bear with life's difficulties, they will never truly be numbered among the outstanding.

Success is given to those who have a compassionate heart. Also, if a person is to be successful, he must endure the unendurable and do the undoable.

RISE AND SHINE. Don't be afraid. 

Let's meditate from this ancient thoughts:

Not even the most ferocious waves can swallow a man of faith.

Not even the most trying obstacles can stop a man of courage.

Not even the most adverse environments can disturb a man of aspiration.

Not even the most difficult tasks can contain a man of responsibility.

Not even the most bitter experiences can torment a man of ambition.

Not even the most ruthless enemies can defeat a man of DETERMINATION. 🌴

# Rise and shine 🌴🌞

# Glory to my God πŸ™


πŸ‘‰Serve your sovereign with loyalty,
πŸ‘‰Care for your parents with filial peity.
πŸ‘‰Accept your community with magnanimity,
πŸ‘‰Cultivate yourself with cautiousness.
πŸ‘‰Follow the rules with clean conduct.
πŸ‘‰Lead your people with sincerity.
πŸ‘‰Face poverty with joyfulΒ  content,
πŸ‘‰Enhance your learning with diligence,
πŸ‘‰Clear your mind with tranquility.
πŸ‘‰Provide for those in need with agility,
πŸ‘‰Express utmost honesty with straightforwardness.
πŸ‘‰Maintain your esteem with discipline,
πŸ‘‰Give to others with tremendous generosity.
πŸ‘‰Command your subject with solemnity,
πŸ‘‰Treat your guests with respect.
πŸ‘‰Follow your principles with consistency,
πŸ‘‰Lead others with benevolence.

*Inscription On The Door, Lu Yijian (979-1044,Son Dynasty) u

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