White hair is a crown of glory and is seen most among the godly.

The Book of Proverbs 16:31

We All Fall In Love Sometimes

Success to a great degree winds up as to enjoy a particular activity, engaging with your work environment, friends, and neighbors, and being an inspiration for others.

Individuals who are finding success at mature age and older adults are proving that it’s never too late to follow your vision and become noticed by doing something impressive or unusual.

"Studies show:

🍏That older people who hold jobs from which they do not have to retire get along best.

🍏Those who have a chance to do something creatively after they retire get along second best.

🍏Those with less chance to do something creatively go down most quickly.

The body is closed unit with lots of energy in it. Unless the individual has a way to discharge the energy, he gets into difficulty, and the difficulty is sickness and death. "

(Dr. Edward W. Busse, in Knight's Treasury of Illustrations, P. 244.)


💡Michelangelo painted the ceiling of theSistine Chapel lying on his back on a scaffold when almost 90;

💡John Wesley at 88, preached every day.

💡Tennyson, when 83, wrote Crossing the Bar

💡Benjamin Franklin wrote his autobiography when over 80.

💡Paderewski at 70 played the piano superbly;

💡Booth Tar Kington wrote 16 novels after 60, some of them when he was almost totally blind.


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There is hope. Empty your heart with grief, fill it with love and courage. And you will conceive  dreams, you will hear voices of good tidings, you will see visions of goodwill , and you will hatch creative thought.

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