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This is a true story. I write tbis to give thanks Mrs. Violy Tortola, our mentor-leader during our days in the booming market with TUPPERWARE I really admired this woman the way she handled people. I learned from her the meaning of leadership in business. She’s bold and enthusiastic. THANK YOU!

At that time, I met Violy, she’s beautiful, and I saw her as figure of success. She’s like a magnet that attracted me to listen to her proposal. Violy stood in front of me while talking about business opportunity in direct selling.

Finally, she picked out from her bag some papers and pen and she handed over saying, “Selling is the easiest job if you work it hard. There is money here! What the hell yuh waitin’ for? Let’s get right down, please sign this application form”, she said.

She was the Area Head & Distributor of the world’s leading plastic container during her time with the company, Tupperware Philippines, carrying a banner it goes “the nicest thing that could happen to your kitchen.”

I started right from the very first step of the ladder as Tupperware Dealer following a system that made this enterprise famous – the casual and ordinary “Tupperware Party”, and maybe some of you was there witnessing how this event could actually happen. It’s very effective to get sales. You can’t hit em if you don’t talk face to face at party guests.

After a while, I set up my own team by bringing people from diverse backgrounds to join with me in the business. As time went on, my group became big in numbers, my income was multiplied better, and garnered high recognitions consistently every end of the year.

One time Violy stunningly asked me, “How did you manage your team to succeed?” I said, “First, I shared the goals to the entire team; Second, I set rules for coordinated efforts to ensure mutual understanding about the nuts-and-bolts sales processes. There were only three rules – communication, deadlines, and follow through; Third, I created environment to make everyone feel part of a cohesive unit to achieve the given goals.”

For the last five years, my team’s great performance was obvious and recorded in history of the company.

Now the Big Event came, in our hands was a HALL OF FAME plaque and I never could find words to express the courage and faith these team of mine gave us. This award made us all humbled that shaped our minds smaller. Just like a pebble stone, which, though small, is tough. Only toughness makes one genuine.

A story of teamwork written in our hearts. A moment to remember the day we said, “It was great!” πŸ›οΈ

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