There was silence around, still and dark under a midnight sky. I stand and paused at the window of my bedroom, and my eyes were watchful and alert to any sign of movement. I saw fireflies darted through the night, brief flickers swiftly dimmed, but everything appeared to be normal. I eased onto the windowsill, sat listening a moment longer, then dropped silently to my bed. I prayed for safety and thanksgiving, I drew a deep breath, saying goodnight, and closed my eyes to sleep.

The next day in the morning, I welcomed a new day with my eyes figured the shadow of the sunshine emerging from the shed of the trees near the window.

My eyes are witnesses of the coming  day and passing of the night until the break of dawn.

To give a reflection, the eye can be likened to looking out a one way mirror from the inside.

The eye can see the entire cosmos using whatever lenses are focused upon, but yet it omits the “self”. One is unable to clearly perceive own daily actions. There must be a guide to instruct which directions to go in. Who then is this guide? There must be two.

One guide are friends. They give advice and reminders with gentleness and tact. They help correct mistakes by showing the right path. They encourage and stay in adversity. Good language benefits others.

The other one guide are enemies. They use belittling and harsh language to ridicule and attack a person. They hang on influential people and are snobs. They are dissolute, and lead the rest astray. Coarse language is harmful to all.

Without the guidance of others, we’ll neither have progress nor awareness.

However, it is all up to a person which guide he will follow. Anyway, he is the Captain of His Flagship, he definitely knows the northern star as a guide.

Life is what he makes of it. His destination may be reached in a few or longer hours but all depends on his determination to wield all obtacles for his goal. 

He should value the hardships on account of a better tomorrow. He should be proud that for once in his life, he had cried and persevered during the mournful nights of his fall and strove hard to rise up and move on. (Anonymous) πŸ›οΈ

GLE Rod P. Villaruz / Iloilo – Thailand Trip Achiever, May 14-18, 2023

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