The road to sustain livelihood is tough and life is seemed complicated nowadays. With high demand from works, activities are stressful and getting uneasy for one to move towards achieving one’s dream.

When going to a distance (the future), one must first traverse the space that is near and this is one’s physical body. It must be conditioned for one to survive – to live is to struggle and forward is the only direction in life.

πŸ’‘A sound mind and healthy body is power!

“Today I have to prepare for my journey into the future. Health really matters. Gonna see my doctor, now”, I whispered to myself.

With my hands on both sides of the steering wheel drive of my car in motion at regular speed, on my way to a general health check-up.

At the clinic, I showed up myself slowly to see if my doctor was on duty. Yeah, she’s in. While waiting for my turn, my eyes progressively move around to the expansive view of the clinic area to comfort myself.

Sitting on the chair, I took a deep breath, and my doctor rocked back in her chair and got my blood pressure and her stethoscope dip running on my chest and on my back.

“It’s all normal”, she said.

I gazed my eyes on high with one finger pointing above saying softly, “Praise to your name, Oh my Lord… Amen.”

Now she requested me to do laboratory test for my uric acid, creatinine, fbs, sgpt, ecg, lipid profile, urine analysis and other items she would like to read in mine health status, and to make prescriptions on medication, if necessary.

While waiting for a laboratory test results, she handed me the checklist a must for one to follow to achieve general healthy living:

🍏Sleep well and rise early. Don’t overeat. Exercise frequently.

🍏Smile more. Don’t worry. Keep busy everyday, and you’ll never age.

🍏To have good relationships, be sincere and humble.

🍏To have a good family, be caring.

🍏To have a good career, be diligent.

🏁To a great life βœ”οΈ


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