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Deep In My Heart | JM Chan

Here is a sharp insights from an ancient learnings:

Stopping allows for concentration, which gives rise to tranquility. From tranquility, peace arises, which allows for careful reflection that ultimately leads to attainment.

In the stillness of the day, people attach too much importance to gaining immediate results, like to eat instant noodles, wanting to master language in five days, or become a millionaire in half a year. Everything is about “the sooner, the better.”

In the stillness of the day, why in a hurry? When you forget the value of life in its truest putsuits.

Consider this story :

One day, a young man saw an old man. He was curious and asked, “Sir, can you tell me how old you are?” With a smile, the old man replied, “Oh! I am four years old.” As it turned out, the old man was already in his eighties, but had only discovered life and found its real meaning four years ago. ‘

In the stillness of the day, being a four-year-old man is not distressing. What is pitiful is speaking of the illusory in a dream, and assume the false as real, just like the Paper Roses existing one as beautiful flower without scent or fake.

In the stillness of the day, I admire the beauty and glamour of real roses. However, I love the elegance of lotus. “How it grows out of the mud untainted, how they dance among clear ripples without any sense of temptation. The stem is hollow yet erect, blooming in an untrespassing, but converged manner”.

πŸ’‘In the stillness of the day, be like a lotus with ever refreshing scent, standing erect and serene, that delivers coolness to the stream of summer heats. It is something to be appreciated from distance.

The Book of Hebrew says, “Relax, sink, let go, cease.” πŸ›οΈ

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