I’ve been trying my best to live with NO REGRETS of the past. I savoured every moment – the time of happiness, sorrow, success, and failure. All gave a sentimental mark of remembrance in mine heart and delicately felt just like enjoying a walk under a pouring hard rain or avoiding the heat in a sunny day wearing a smile.

And now, as always I followed my dream in every opportunity with excitement, passion for something good to come, and commitment to continue strive even harder to realize unending goals and limitless aspirations to design a beautiful life.

Allow traces of dreams desired, drafted, and worked for during those days on stay. Nothing but true, all soul’s encounter gives meaning to life I know.

All in all, after carefully handled, refined, or fixed, can transform into FAITH & COURAGE. I will, in this way, find more understanding and strength to face reality.

Yes, not even the most wild waves in the ocean can swallow a man of faith, and not even the most heavy barriers can stop a man of courage.

Hope is placed in all those who have faith and courage to create the future altogether.

To face the challenges to come anytime of day, I become brave, have strong faith to win and believe something good is coming to grab on.


GLE Rod P. Villaruz | PC Iloilo

Philippines | Malaysia

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Hi! Welcome to my blog. I’m happy to create microstories and topics of interest conveying passion, love, hope and lore. My purpose is to connect frienship and to share inspirational insights. Cheers!

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