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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the top position for large business organization responsible for implementing existing plans & policies, improving the company’s financial strength, supporting ongoing business transformation & setting future strategy.

“You didn’t have to wait long if you have some strategic plan to counter a terrifying situation our company is holding now – stock drop, wiping out shareholder value, and debt-to-equity ratio exceeding high percentage. Our bonds were rated scrap. We’re running out of cash. Definitely, this company may fall soon“, the chairman explained to the CEO.

The CEO seeked some refresher course on management discipline to review the classics, including Drucker, Porter, Deming, and Peters to back the finding solution for recovery. And it didn’t take long. The existing CEO resigned at this point of vulnerability.

Then, the Board Of Directors (BOD) decided to look for a change agent and to go outside. “Before this enterprise comes to collapse, we need a team player to revolutionize this entity to return to greatness. Probably, the last CEO – decisive, brave, bold, visionary, and persuasive.”

The new lady CEO came in probably a little bit of last resort, with a mission to rebuild the business empire.

“We recommend tough cost cutting and kill the existing culture we are all standing on. It burns the companies platform and soon to die.”, tbe BOD mouthed.

And the lady CEO stand up, and said, “No. I am the culture. If I can’t figure out how to bring the culture with me, I’m the wrong person for the job.”

Finally, the enterprise grew impressively and  recovered by the last CEO. When she was interviewed by Top Business Magazine, she banked on saying, “The path to recovery lies first and foremost in returning to sound management practices and rigorous strategic thinking.”

πŸ’‘It is important to discover and develop the treasure within our minds. Be gentle! Gentleness is sure to be victorious even in battle, and firmly to maintain its ground. πŸ›οΈ

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