As the saying goes, “Live and learn till your old ages.” The learning process of how to conduct oneself is endless.

In the later part of 2021, I started to create GreenApple Files (GAF) with a tagline – Insights Into The Future, as a hobby to write short inspirational stories for myself and for friendship. As of this time, GreenApple Files has more than 100 articles to ponder on, embedded with selected songs and motivational quotes on life’s journey, spiritual, management, and my personal experiences. Now, GAF is a compilation of my simple, uplifting, and motivational wordiness. I do hope, in one way or another, these could help out shake one’s sleeping soul.

Why GreenApple 🍏? Green Apple is a symbol of uniqueness, mental toughness, health, friendship, and wisdom.

Most viewed/read/impressions and had remarkable reactions articles were Time, When I Talked About Love, Encounter With The Big Boss Man, Remembering My Mother, Fall In Love, Health Matters, I Saw An Angel, Bring Home The Bacon, To My Son, It’s Never Too Late, Simplify, Create A Pathway To Life, Keep On Rockin’, Vegetables Fruits and Water, Just Believe, Poem in Summer and The First  Teaching.

All articles that I humbly wrote enriches knowledge and learning. The value of learning lies in knowing what is important and appropriateness of application, and not in hoarding excessive knowledge.

💡I truly believe that knowledge acquired on paper seems shallow still and thoroughly one to understand, one must personally experience it all. Hands on experience is the best teacher. Then, a ‘season man’ would eventually appear in oneself at the right pace of time.

💡Someday you might be the one to emerge from thousands and millions of people who have the courage to grow with profound sentiments that can serve as an exemplar to others. One must be brave to release the greatness kept from the inside of the comfort zone, withstsand the test of time, and never give up.

Who knows? Someday, you’ll be walking on the red carpet 🍏

Kindly regard this ancient aphorisms:

"🍏Anything you speak must be credible, 🍏Anything you do must be respectful, 🍏Your writing or painting must be firm and steady, 🍏Your appearance must be well presented, 🍏Your outfit must be proper and neat, 🍏Your steps must have composure, 🍏Your living quarters must be appropriate and quite, 🍏Your actions must be deliberated, 🍏Your speech must look for actions, 🍏The constant virtues must be persistently upheld, 🍏Promises made must be sincerely kept, 🍏Regard every act of kindness as that of your own conduct, 🍏Regard every act of evil as that of your own sickness. "

Let all that you do be done in LOVE.

The Book of 1 Corinthians 16:14

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Hi! Welcome to my blog. I’m happy to create microstories and topics of interest conveying passion, love, hope and lore. My purpose is to connect frienship and to share inspirational insights. Cheers!

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