Tom & Jerry

” Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. “

— Martin Luther King Jr. —

The Ballad of Tom & Jerry

These days I find I can look back at the past with new eyes, suddenly seeing to understand things that I missed at the time of my childhood days – the Tom and Jerry cartoons in black and white TV shows.

To review, Tom and Jerry is an American cartoon series about a hapless cat’s never-ending pursuit of a clever mouse. Tom is the scheming cat, and Jerry is the sounky mouse.

The series was driven entirely by action and visual humour. The characters almost NEVER SPOKE .

But in this article, surprisingly Tom and Jerry talk! Here’s the one line Q&A coversation :

Jerry The Mouse

Jerry: “In this world, how should I deal with someone who slanders me, bullies me, insults me, ridicules me, disparages me, belittles me, offends me, or deceives me?

Tommy Cat

Tom: “Just tolerate him, let him be, avoid him, respect him, ignore him, and wait for a few years to see WHAT BECOMES OF HIM.”

πŸ’‘The conversation reflects the test of time. One must be watchful to see the proof of occurence – “cause-effect philosophy (karma).”

Human existence is not a flattery to think deeply as waves on the vast ocean’s shore, or say not those who were thrown out incidentally are good as the sinking sand. The waves will wash the seaside as well as the flowing sand and both are carefully steered by the wind. Once the wild sand blows away, real gold will be revealed. πŸ›οΈ

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