May my son be strong and courageous and not fear or be in dread, for it is you, Lord, our God, who goes with him. You will never leave him or forsake him.

The Book of Deuteronomy 31:6

In my early twenties, I left my house and travelled to a far distant metropolitan city with one goal – to search my dream job. But before I took off to journey and leaving my parents behind the first time then I managed to secure blessings from them that instilled indelible mark on my heart and it never ceased. My mother broke down and cried and my father bid me good luck with a smile. He gave these instruction to guide me in my career and life’s journey :

My son, you keep these intruction in your heart:

Diligently learn the purpose of life, be kind-hearted and be faithful. 

Be fair and be humble. Humbleness is beneficial. Accept justice without resistance.

Never eat too much. Control your diet, shun from leisure.

Enjoy the beauty of having enough, be contented. Never be greedy to gain for yourself. Rather lose your life than to ever tell a lie.

Never be fluctuating in making decision. Control your emotion, never be easily ignited to create a flare-up.

Do not compete and challenge others, instead make known the good deeds of others instead of their faults. Prove only you're worthy toΒ  earn a share, and in control of oneself.

Never talk about what others are ashamed of, and do not expose their secrets to anyone else.

Allow others to tell their story, for listening makes you big-hearted and compassionate person.

Maintain a mind of compassion towards anyone who begrudges you. Regard all living beings as your own parents.

Everything about being a man lies in the heart, theΒ  well spring of life. With a gracious heart, blessings will be within reach, with a callous heart, adversity will be inescapable.

In the analogy of a fruit, the stem is the heart; when the stem decays, the fruit will fall to the ground.

Celelebrate with joy on the path to spiritual cultivation, instead of pride.

Never stop praying, and don't easily give up!

Listen and remember my teaching well for it holds such intentions. ❀️

I kept the seeds safely in my heart and in my mind to grow in season. And I saw the glimps of bright stars that lights up my way. As ready to embark we all prayed, I kissed my parents foreheads, I cried with gladness and said goodbye. 🍏

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