” The purpose of our lives is to be H A P P Y.”


Alrighttt! Ooooh yeah… Look! The clowns are doing their simple twist and rocking on dance. Clown is a symbol of fun, joy, happiness, or lively life? Of course, children would love to see the clowns, and adults as well, down to earth entertained. The message they bring, even for a short moment, is for us to be happy. Enjoy life. Fall in love. And, to have fun.

Every day we are bombarded at social media platforms with stories of inspiration, motivational quotes, new knowledge and ideas, trainings, amazing videos, and teachings to guide what to do and how to do things that matter in order to make life productive and fantastic.

Learning to pick it up and let it go can expand the breath of our mind. Being able to see far ahead and do the right thing can elevate our lives. The ultimate goal of those activities is to share happiness.

Yeah, yeah, keep on rockin’ !

Happiness is the most beautiful thing in the world. Life is so easy around when one is happy, and by working joyfully, there is nothing that can’t be achieved.

By enjoying without owning, a man can always be happy.


Life ends when you stop Dreaming.

Hope ends when you stop Believing.

Love ends when you stop Caring.

Friendship ends when you stop Sharing.

Balance Sheet of Life


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