Leave fortune and misfortune, success and failure, to the hands of heaven.

Leave support and slander, gains and losses, to the hands of humanity.

Leave cultivation and morality to one’s own responsibility.

— Confucianist —

When drought of life prevails, a man raised his voice, “I need help. Where are my friends? I can’t see them. They’re not around. As if the shadows of old friends cross far in distant lands.

“I heard some of them heralded my downfall to my disgrace, laughed, and stave off against me of my threadbare”, he mourned.

Incidentally, a stranger guy came to the man upon hearing of his misfortune. He looked the man straight to the eyes full of compassion and mercy. Suddenly the wind blew softly, as if in a romantic candle-lit wedding night spent at a lovely garden, as the stranger guy moved closer in silence beside the man and put his hand on man’s shoulder and said, “Definitely brother, friends are many  but one in a thousand a confidant. He is like a shelter, a treasure or a life saving medicine. If you find one get hold of her.”

“Here I am, your friend, now if you allow me to come inside your house I will make a covenant of friendship with you”, a stranger asked.

“Yes Sir, you’re welcome to my place”, the man replied.

And the guy smiled. He throwed his arms and embrace the man, and said, “From now on, I will be with you always. I will teach you the right path of life, I will give you my blessings and my treasures you need.”

Keeping on the promise, the man was restored eventually from adversity to opulence. And the golden sunlight near noontime creeps into his room through the window lattice, and sparkles in all directions with translucense.

He gazed at the sun’s bright and clear natures as if he could recognize the dazzling colors that intertwine with one another, and then pursue its untraceable motions.

Always, he remembered the promise. The man felt the joy, with tears of strength, knowing his friend raised him up and placing his name in the list of successful candidates. 🍏

Look! I have been standing at the door, and I am constantly knocking. If anyone hears me calling him and opens the door, I will come in and fellowship with him and he with me.

The Book of Revelation 3::20

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