There is no need to say everything you know. Do not believe everything you see. Digest everything you hear. Process your every encounter on tbe spot. Sift and filter through sediment ; overtime, your energies and capabilities will be strengthened & can give rise to Great Things.


This article was inspired from old song, If I Had A Hammer by the group The Seekers  1958

CONTROL is a function of management which helps to check errors to take corrective actions. This is done to minimize deviation from standards and ensure that the stated goals of the organization are achieved in a desired manner. (Wikipedia)

A leader has to impose guidelines to the team or an individual within a business entity to perform  specific actions and avoid another set of particular actions so that they can reach their destined target.

Throughout my career life I've been in sales management and business operations from diverse fields (pharmaceutical, school, insurance, direct selling) to experience how the excitement of hitting targets were done. The glory of it, there was no situation that I never did.

💡Indeed, success is possible when a team leader handled best the situation and walk with one's participative spirits and winning attitude. Teamwork. Having the will even small matters can be turned into a major event.

Herewith are three contributing management controls while work is in progress. The hammer, the bell, and the music. 🍏


When the standards were  established, hammer out activities in hardwork and discipline to do a wholesome deeds.


Ring the bell as a warning, not to give way to jealousy and conceit. Instead, encourage everyone to practice compassion, kindness and patience. If one unable to be patient in little things, how will one be able to do the great work of helping one another.


Music and song deliver comfort to the soul. They help alleviate tensions and pressures. Give your soul with bits of accommodation to music and a song and you will feel clear and full of delight. Relaxed.

Early to bed, and early to rise. The more you sleep, the more fatigue you feel. First rest the mind, then the body. After sleeping, you will become beauty. 🍏


PERSONAL COLLECTION DIRECT SELLING INC / March 2022 / Gold Prestige Club Award / Trip to Cambodia, Vietnam, & Singapore

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