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Amazing Ramon! A Sales Manager “for all season” of our erstwhile Philadelphia based pharmaceutical company. One thing we admire him the most aside from being cool his remarkable ability to drive a sales process to bring-in revenues to the company.

As John B, our District Manager said of him, “I wanna follow the steps of  this man. I learned through the years about this mother’s son  performance that made me admire him. His track record is laudable. He continued to rise and go beyond what it was able to achieve the goals set for the year.

“All the time hungry for sales. A good listener, over and above  approachable, and very active to mingle with the team he talked to. He has had a great influence in the company and in the marketplace. He got the magic wand in leading the team. Humble. Resilient. No image of defeat found in him. In the gathering, he showed a little bizarre or cleverness. He brings humor into set of circumstances and allows it in the workplace. He used to put his people first collaborating with them passionately to iron out blurred areas. He is very fearless to handle big challenging issues.  He never give up but instead fight to the end building his team. Always ready in every business state of affairs. Most of all, a paramount model in teaching and guidance. “

“A go-getter man. During our night out gig for the boys in a KTV Bar on weekends, he used to sing ” My Way”. I can recall in one occasion when Mr Ramon invited me to sing with him. And we sang together in full courage in front of the team.”, Mr John B said.


EVERY MONDAY, we used to meet with Mr B for a weekly sales review that runs 20-30 minutes then he pulled us all to perform an action to begin the week objectively – to do things that has to be done.

“Howdy folks. How y’all? What the hell yuh waitin’ for?”, Mr B called us urgently.

“Let’s act now and delve into the market. Bring home the bacon at the end of the day. Selling is the easiest job in the world if you work it hard, but the hardest job in the world if you try to work it easy. Guys you can’t produce sales unless you make a substantial calls everyday. Be consistent. That’s a foundation of our commitment”, Mr Boz explained.


One time, in the early afternoon of the last day of the week, I got the opportunity to sit down and talked with Mr Ramon, the awesome man.

I said, “I want to be like you. My dream is to become a Consistent Achiever just like you.”

Mr Ramon replied, “Rod, this business of selling narrows down to one thing–seeing the people.” And he lessoned me how to obtain efficiency in my trading grind.

Mr Ramon continued, “Rod, I will share to you what I learned from my former boss. Do you know that 80% of sales come from 20% of your customers?

I said, “I’m not aware of that, sir. How would you like to share this with me?”

“Yes, definitely I would”, he said.

“The concept lies in the 20% – of your “to do list”, or of your “workload” , or of your “total population of clients” or “number of existing sales force”  or of your “assessment of business plan”, or of your “customers that make the bulk of your sales revenues.”

“This technique, 20/80 rule, is scientific. It is alive in selling. It is living and the smarter way to do things easy. It is a useful instrument to help you prioritise and manage the work you plan to do.”

“Think of this, that the 80% of our company’s revenues generated by 20% of its customers?”

And he further showed me the technical illustration!

“Listen and follow me”, Mr Ramon said.

“How big is your sales target in a month?, he asked me.

I said, “Twenty Million Sales every month.”

“How many clients do you have in the master list?”, Mr Ramon continued to ask.

“For now I have Seventy customers in my checklist”, I said.

“20% of 70 is 14. Now you have to identify these fourteen potential clients in your market universe. Focus on the few. Invest your time.  Prioritize. Significant sales results will come from 20 % of your total customers. But do not ignore the others, 56, in your list. Distribute your efforts proportionately. “

“This group, the 20%, will give you 80% bulk of sales in your monthly target and to calibrate the figures, you will have more or less 16 Million to record with.”

Now your slippage of four million is not a problem. The remaining 56 in the pie will contribute to your shortfall.

“Sounds good?”, Mr Ramon asked. “It’s clear.” I replied.

Mr Ramon continued to share his idea and said, “I love to transfer this technology to you so that you will become fruitful in every attempt you make. You must work smartly. One day soon, wherever you go you will value this management tool. WITHOUT THIS YOU WON’T MAKE YOUR PURPOSE EASY!

“It’s coffee time”, he said. And I managed to prepare two cups, for Mr Ramon and myself.


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