“We are held back by too much caution. We are timid about venturing. We are not bold enough.  Struck down by our own caution, our lack of faith in ourselves and our abilities. Opportunities? There were many. But always there was risk. Do we dare? We vacillate. Time hurries by. Opportunity gone. We anguish. The years roll on. Finally we convince ourselves that it’s too late and settle for cheap imitations of life.”

Og Mandino
You’ve Got What It Takes/Dave Clark 5

No hardwork got dead drunk in this world. It has a value. It is worth to exert intentional effort for your dream. Your dedication will reap a harvest in due time.

Life alone doesn’t mean nothing-at-all. Its significance depends on what you decide to show it. Instead of draining all day viewing what life is, we may as well attempt to do something that gives it in particular. E F F O R T!

Those who make effort are mindful, pure in conduct, self-disciplined, and have ever increasing glory.

🍏THINK that today's failure is yesterday's lack of hardwork.

🍏THINK that today's hard work will surely lead to tomorrow's great success.

Oh man! Have courage. Have strong faith when you feel the most disappointment and depression.

Who I am today? I am a product of every part of my past. From now on, I shall reap as I sow.

I will continue to do greatness for G-I-F-T. (God – I myself – F amily- T ime)

Come on guys, let's do marching together onward to... 

S U C C E S S πŸ‘πŸβ€οΈ

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