” I will give you back your health again and heal your wounds.”     

The Book of Jeremiah 30:17

Listen To Me Β¦ The Searchers

AT THAT TIME, somewhere in the east, there lived a wealthy old man.

ONE DAY, one of his employees a young man got the opportunity to sit down and talked with him.

HE SAID, “I want to be like you. My ambition is to become even greater than you, the wealthiest man of this time.”

“And what will you do with all this great wealth and the fearsome power that will surely accompany it?”, the old wealthy man replied.

“I will do as you do. My family will be provided with the finest of worldly goods and the rest I will share with those in need”, the young employee answered.

NOW THE WEALTHY MAN looked at the young man in the eyes and teached, “Worldly wealth, my son, should never be your goal in life. Your words are eloquent but they are mere words. TRUE WEALTH IS OF THE HEART, NOT OF THE PURSE.”

HE CONTINUED TO EXPLAIN, “Strive instead for happiness, to be loved and to love, and most important, to acquire peace of mind and serenity.”

*The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino

Peace of Mind and Serenity

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