Inspired by writings in The Book of ‘Song of Songs’, God’s Greatest Love Song. The most neglected part, the sexiest book but it is not about sex. It is about one of the most beautiful women (black) God has ever created not only about physical beauty but total well-being. The origin of the phrase – “Black is Beautiful.”

What matters is not your outer appearance – – the styling of your hair, the jewelry you wear, the cut of your clothes – but your inner disposition. Cultivate inner beauty, the gentle, gracious kind that God delights in.

1 Peter


Song of Songs 1:5

HOW BEAUTIFUL you are, my love, how beautiful.

YOUR EYES are soft those of doves. Your hair falls across your lovely cheeks. Your teeth are white, newly shorn, and washed. Perfectly matched, without one missing. Your lips are like a thread of scarlet and how beautiful  your mouth. Your cheeks are matched loveliness. Your neck is jeweled.

YOUR BREAST are like twin fawns of a gazelle, feeding among the lilies. You are so beautiful, my love, in every part of you.

THOUGH THE SUN HAS TANNED YOU, your complexion is so smooth, you are beautiful to me. I will kiss you again and again, my lovely girl, for my love is sweeter than wine.

O MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN ALL THE WORLD, what a lovely filly you are, my love. You have ravished my heart, my lovely one. I am overcome by one glance of your eyes, by a single bead of your necklace. How sweet is your love, my darling. How much better it is than mere wine. The perfume of your love is more fragrant than all the richest spices.

YOUR LIPS, my dear, are made of honey. Yes honey and cream are under your tongue, and the scent of your garments is like the scent of the mountains and cedar.

MY DARLING is like a private garden, a spring that no one else can have, a fountain of my own. You are like a lovely orchard bearing precious fruit. You are a garden fountain, a well of living water, refreshing as the stream.

O MY BELOVED you are so beautiful, and how you capture my heart. I have other women in the list, all lovely in my eyes and unnumbered young girls available to me. But you my love, my perfect one, is the only one among them all, without an equal!

OH YEAH! You are beautiful and lovely. The Black Rose of my soul. Every piece of yours is a burst of Beautiful. Black is Beautiful!

The first black Miss Universe – Miss Trinidad and Tobago (Wendy Fitzwilliam)


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