Many young married couples who are genuinely in love with each other, enter marriage with great hope of success, a deep sense of personal devotion and faith. They both believe that to\n tie a knot is going to last in the formation of a family.Children are the primary concern in a family. Showered with love and counsel by their parents. They are highly essential in the preservation of marriage. In other words, children hold their parents together.What if unfavorable circumstances occur in the family such as marital unhappiness, household friction, uncertainty and distrust? It is good to know that there are some chaotic homes which are not wrecked. These couples are unhappy, but they do not disconnect for some various reasons like religious apprehension, a sense of commitment to children, and in the light of career, profession, and social reputation. When a family is dissolved there will be a change in routine living, affecting long set up in habits of work, recreation, sex, and the like. Children will psychologically feel insecure, jeopardize protection and their livelihood is feigned. On the part of the parents, they will suffer from all forms of torture – mental, physical, emotional, and financial.To cut the knot weakens family solidarity. It contradicts a constitution therein stated that the state shall strengthen the family as basic social institution and parents have responsibilities in the rearing of their children and should develop their moral and spiritual character. Also, to cut the knot is a wrongdoing to a biblical passage which says, “What God has joined together, let no man separate.”Dissolution of a family or a marriage separation will only bring disaster to the nation, darken the morality of the people, possibly bring economic depression and degradation on women’s dignity.Therefore, I shout out in the preservation of family. THE NICEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN IN WEDLOCK.

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