To my Dearest Sunshine,

I wrote this letter after dinner. I wanted to let you know what’s nice between us is we consistently nurtured our fragile mutual understandings which I know nobody else could imitate. You maybe right when you said we are soul mates. But there’s an exception to feel in this affair, we are both lovers. Every seconds of the day, I can’t avoid to fall in love with you and you cordially partake what’s in your heart, too. We’re the best of friends in the whole universe.

I don’t know why, how it goes like this.

My love for you has no boundary to expect, whatever you are or whoever you’ll become, it won’t change, now and forever.

I don’t know why how it goes like this.

From the day I knew you, I felt we’d met in the past questioning myself to surprise we both stand in the crossroad today. And why only now, you have made remarkable spot in mine heart?

I couldn’t even remember how everything mutually started. Our actions are compared to a water flowing through a river running straight into the ocean.

I may not be compatible to you ‘coz every thing I’m sure is in you. I’m just an ordinary man but with great dreams in life. However, I can sense there’s something between us that we are meant to be appreciated.

Life between us is all about transforming situations. We tend to be able to convert what is overwhelming into small matters, loneliness into happiness, ignorance into enlightenment, and unwholesomeness into right direction.

We cultivated lately ourselves to shift negative circumstances into positive ones. No fear and nothing to worry about having the courage to accept and evolve the odds into perfect wisdom.

I will always love you, my dearest one. You’re always on my mind. ❤️💋🌹

Philippines | Malaysia

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