Ice-breaker. Here’s a fiction story to tell my good friends.

“Thinking of you as I explore the road in the cool air, singing my song. Dry leaves falling upon an empty mind, my secluded friend is perhaps not yet asleep.”

In my high school days, I preferred to stay or to lobby in the canteen area, along with mates in a class. It was our vacant period, with me were Coco and Rex.

At the other side of the table, Philip , sucking hard on a straw inserted into a thick chocolate shake, rejoined us.

By the time Philip got to be with us on the same table, now a beautiful girl came in alone to buy a snack. She's one of the boy's fantasies in the campus, she had the 'beauty and brain'. An idol of most, to say.

"I'm proud to say she's my buttercup. I'm in love... I'm all shook up and stuck on her!", young Coco expressed his feelings and emotions.

Philip, reluctantly parting his lips from his straw, said, "Can you imagine being proud to say that somebody was your buttercup?"

Young Coco thought about it.

"Imagining", said Philip, "you're introducing her to us, and you go, 'This here is MY BUTTERCUP! Hey, did you pee your pants?"

"Sh*t," said Coco, looking down at his khakis, wet, which, as was mandatory for seventeen-year-old boys.

"Here comes Synra", said Philip.

"Sh*t", said Coco. He easily untucked his white T-shirt and tried to cover it down the wet spot of the pants.

"Hi," said Synra.

"Hi," said Coco, twisting his lower body sideways, trying to aim his wet spot away from her.

"Is that a squirt gun in your pocket," asked Synra, "or are you just glad to see me?"

"Yes, I'm glad and excited to see you today and everyday," Coco said.

And the bell rang for the next scheduled class subject. I said, "Got up boys, see ya later."

Coco rushed away with us. And I saw Coco threw away an eye wink to Synra in a smile. And Synra laugh, bidding bye and said, "See ya later Coco. Stick like a glue." πŸ›οΈ

GLE Rod P. Villaruz | Iloilo Branch

Philippines | Malaysia

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