In my younger days, I failed so many times in my life. But I rise up because of my faith that life is all about transforming situations. When one door closes, a new nearby door opens for new opportunity. I gave focus to my dream, believing that if I can’t get my goal in one venue, I will search for another. Now and then, finding the courage to accept my failures, knowing the virtue to transform and evolve pains and heartaches into perfect wisdom. This attitude was cultivated in season of time that made me what I am today. I am strong in spirit, happy, inspired, determined, grateful, prayerful and don’t give up!

For many years I have searched for perfection but there’s none. As I saw, many times the leaves have fallen and the tree budded again. Ever since seeing flower blossoms, and until now I have never doubted myself again.

In life we should, like the pine, learn to transform the challenges and harshness of the environment into the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the breeze.

Here’s success β€οΈπŸ‘‡

Think of the days you have lost to defeat. They are as dead leaves on a plant. Snip them. The roots are alive awaiting the water, from your hand that new growth will emerge. For life must flow through you, not to you.

Remember when young how each day was adventure? The sun never rose soon enough and wby did it set? Then one morning it rose too soon and set too late. You were adult, 'grown up', but in ways regressed.

Each morning should find you aglow with the chance, Of testing your courage and moving ahead, to that goal which may seem as far away as youth. If sorrow and pain knock you down, know that joy and pleasure are bought with these coins.

When tired and sure that life has bypassed you, Take another glance. It is then that wisdom, sweetness of soul, and inward peace will be yours.

The tools for creating a masterpiece of life are here. You are the artist. Success will depend on your faith.

And what should success look like?

Success is vivid, colored with bright hues, brought about by the power of you to rule yourself.
When you want friendship, it is with you.
When you desire love, it enwraps you.
When you seek wealth, it enfolds you.

Your masterpiece has balance and design brought about by your hand wbich has placed, all that you experience in proper proportion. The focal point is clear, past worries do not appear.

Your masterpiece as feeling, A soul that radiates and harmonizes with the exterior, greater self, for it is that strength which moves other men.


-Jane Perry (Taken from the book How To Succeed by Brian Adams)

*** Rod P Villaruz, Break The Shell:The Professional Career Handbook 2004, Mindset Publishing, Iloilo City, Philippines.

“Beware! Don’t always be wishing for what you don’t have. For real life and real living are not related to how rich we are.”

The Book of Luke 12:15

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