Don’t read success stories, you will only get a message. Read failure stories, you will get some ideas to get success.

– Abdul Kalam

Here are some successful failures that would interest you to know:


Thomas Alva Edison – Inventor

๐ŸThomas Alva Edison. He failed more than 10,000 times before he created the light bulb. And that’s the thing that makes him a true example of determination. His failure story is really motivational. The main things that help him getting success was working hard, never giving up even after a lot of failures, and believing in himself.

Light Bulb


Abraham Lincoln

๐ŸAbraham Lincoln is the 16th President of the United States of America. He made the famous Gettysburg Address in the history of the world, for exactly two minutes.

But before he reached the point of becoming famous, he failed many times in his career:

*A young man ran for the legislature, and was badly swamped.

*He next entered business-failed-and spent 17 years of his life paying up the debts of a worthless partner.

*He was in love with a beautiful young woman to whom he became engaged-then she died.

*Re-entering politics, he ran for Congress, and was badly defeated.

*He then tried to get an appointment to the United States Land Office – but failed.

*He became a Candidate for the United States Senate-and was badly defeated.

*Two years later he was defeated by Douglas.

One failure after another -bad failures -great setbacks; but in the face of all this, he kept on trying and became one of the greatest men in all history.


Colonel Sanders – Founder of KFC

๐ŸColonel Sanders was rejected 1000 times before his first chicken was sold. After many years of serving his secret fried chicken recipe he found himself in need of a new career. At the age of 65, he began to collect his Social Security Check of about $100 as he wondered how he was going to survive financially. He began selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky during the Great Depression. In 1952, Sanders identified the potential of restaurant franchising, and the first KFC Franchise opened in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kfc Fried Chicken


Walt Disney – Cartoonist (Mickey Mouse)

๐ŸWalt Disney started his career from selling newspapers and snacks to passengers on the railroad. He used to deliver the newspaper at 4:30 in the morning. He attempted to join the US Army but he was rejected for being underage. He joined the Red Cross as ambulance driver. He went broke seven times and had nervous breakdown before becoming  successful. Today his business is a giant in the entertainment industry.

Mickey Mouse


๐ŸZane Grey became a dentist and hated it. He wrote several novels.  Failed. He wrote a western novel, The Last of the Plainsmen. It too was rejected. He was told he has no future as a writer and to give it up. He persisted and was 40 before his first book sold. He had 65 books published while he was alive-24 after he died. His books sold more than 40 million copies. Forty nine of his novels were made into movies.


๐ŸThe Beatles was turned down by Decca Recording Company in 1962. They said, “We don’t like their sound. Groups of guitarists are on the way out.” (Yeah right!)


Vincent Van Gogh – Famous Painter

๐ŸVan Gogh sold only one painting in his entire lifetime and that one was of his own brother. After his death he became one of the most recognized painters of all time. “Starry Night” is one of the most recognized pieces of art in the world.

Van Gogh famous painting – The Starry Night


Richard Hooker – English Theologian

๐ŸRichard Hooker, a theologian, spent 17 years writing a humorous war story which was rejected by 21 publishers before William Morrow bought it. The title of the book? – Mash! This book became a big hit.

The Book – MASH


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